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Thursday, March 26, 2009

aku spesis makhluk marikh datang hendak mengkongker bumi!!!!

Differences between wife & girlfriend

Wife is a HARIMAU, girlfriend is HARI HARI MAU

And some say: Wife is like TV, girlfriend is like Hand phone (HP)

At home watch TV, go out bring HP.

No money, sell TV. Got money change HP.

Sometimes enjoy TV, but most of the time play with HP.

TV free for life but HP, if you don't pay, the services will be terminated

TV is big, bulky and most of the time old,

but hand phone is cute, slim, curvy and very portable at any time.

Operational cost for TV is often acceptable,

but for HP is high and often demanding.

Most important, TV got remote but HP don't have..

Last but not least,

TV do not have virus, but HP yes.. have VIRUS, once get it, HABIS LA. ..

so better choose TV

Upgrade to LCD or Plasma TV (Slim and Chun)

Less maintenance too especially they are easy on the electricity bills.

Is good to be safe than sorry.

*apa kebenda la punya difference neh...beng0m aku tatkala membaca nya..by the way ketepi sket,aku dh pandai publish bide0...clap...clap kat aku...hep...hepp...hoyehhhh


  1. err... gitula kekdahnyaa...

  2. rizz:bila nk beli rizz?dh beli habaq mai kat ceq na...boleh tumpang sekaki tegok af...muahahahahahah


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